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Bosco1234 Junior Cert History — 14/06/16 8

Anybody have any predictions at all for any of the sections ??? ��

stronmilchan13 — 14/06/16
The plantations (because they always come up every two years and they didn't come up last year), Lord/lady of a castle, knight(training (etc.)), industrial revolution
Beachy123 — 14/06/16
Bosco1234 — 14/06/16
Thank you ��
jack2001 — 14/06/16
martin Luther has a great chance of coming up this year as hasn't been up in 2 years!!!!!!
Kiarad — 14/06/16
the 1926 rising will almost definitely come up because of this year and they like to do topics relating to this year
Makeuplover_01 — 14/06/16
Guys someone help me what's do you write about the plantations ��
AubernGene — 14/06/16
Q5 The source question is very likely to be about the famine
Lucy_4466 — 14/06/16
Any idea what would come up in people in history for ordinary level ???
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