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Predictions for 6A?
Gujguhi Junior Cert History — 14/06/16 9

Anyone have any theories on what might come up in 6A?

JackW — 10/06/16
Renaissance or Middle Ages are my predictions
helpme101 — 10/06/16
Same middles ages or renaissance
Gujguhi — 10/06/16
ogechi — 11/06/16
how do yous know
Nyahx — 14/06/16
I'm thinking reformation because it only came up once in 2009
mathswhiz101 — 14/06/16
if famine comes up which is another possibility what accounts will there be?
Gujguhi — 14/06/16
It's likely to come up in question 5, so the accounts might be on consequences, reasons for the Famine, and perhaps life during the Famine
Anna34xo — 14/06/16
middle ages, renaissance, industrial revolution, agricultural revolution, plantations, FAMINE good luck:)
Readelly2251 — 14/06/16
my teacher predicted renaissance
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