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    predictions for q4 q5 and q6 lulu.k

    could someone tell me what is expected to come up in q4 q5 and q6? im so lost 😳

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      higher level*

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      David Connolly 123

      Question 4: Not quite sure, but the archaeologist hasn't appeared since 2012, so it should come up this year

      Question 5: Age of Exploration (last appeared in 2010- topics tend to appear every 5 years)

      Question 6A: I think the Plantations might come up this year, but be prepared for anything from the first and second year course. The other three are always Social Change, International Relations in the Twentieth Century (World War Two and the Cold War) and Political Developments in Twentieth Century Ireland (Irish Independence, Politics and Northern Ireland).

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      david what would the questions for 6a on the plantations be like??

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      Industrial Revolution is coming up for question 5

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      thanks 👌

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      Exploration came up 6a last year and plantations was q5 in 2013 so they are really teacher said Renaissance or reformation for 6a and industrial England and rural Ireland for 5

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      David Connolly 123

      @Ton55 if the Plantations were to come up in Q6, than it would probably have reasons for the plantations, rulers and the plantations they carried out, an account of a particular plantation and the results of the plantations.

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