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Q4 a monk?

In the test it says monk in a medieval monastry,so would they take much marks off you if you did a christian monk?

davidbrown1210 — 15/06/16
to be honest they are fairly similar so doubt they take too much away
Alex F — 15/06/16
Yes, you would unfortunately. Last time a Medival Monk came the marking scheme said "Do not credit material that relates exclusively to the christian monastery." So basically what it means every time you talked about something that is only in Christan, but not Medival you won't get any marks, however by mentioning general details like work, and building, you get marks.
Alex F — 15/06/16
But remember it all really comes down to what the marking scheme is. If many people make the same mistake then the marking scheme would be more open, and potentially only take a few marks away, if very little people make the same mistake, then the marking scheme will be tougher, and can even get rid of that question what's so ever, leaving you with 0 marks, but that's extremely rare and harsh
No11 — 15/06/16
What is the difference between a medieval monk and a christian monk ?
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