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    Q4 people in history??? ellencoburn

    any notion at allll on what may or may not come up for Q4 in history? finding it hard to pick a few to learn off.

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      There seems to be a recurring pattern of an Early Christian Monk in Ireland, every two years. It is not certain that it will come up but it could be a possibility. Hope this helps. Learning about the Renaissance painters, Revolutionary leaders and Explorers would also be good topics to look over.

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      thank you soo much

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      Rennaisance painter, leader of a revolution (Washinton, Wolfe Tone) and archaeologist at work (almost guaranteed)

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      archeologist comes up a lot hasnt came up in 2 years

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      Archaeologist came up in the mocks ? Does this matter ?

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      It doesn't matter what came up in your mocks! The mocks are papers made by certain companies not by the department of education.

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      Hi Liam

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      Part A - archaeologist, early Christian monk, religious reformer

      Part B - person who lost land plantation, factory worker,RAF pilot

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