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Q4 ppl in history help
eworrall Junior Cert History — 25/05/16 7

How much do you need to write for you to have enough information but not run out of time

Caoimheryan01 — 21/05/16
around 1 or 1 1/2 pages long but you need to have around 8 clear SRS in the essay. They advise to spend 15-20 minutes on each essay.
eworrall — 21/05/16
what does SRS mean our teacher is not that good and hasnt explained it to us
Caoimheryan01 — 21/05/16
yeah our teacher isn't great either but from what I have seen SRS is a Significant Relevant Statement, basically you have get straight to the point and give a detailed statement. Example: Leonardo was a man who was a painter (0 SRS) Leonardo da Vinci was an Italian painter from a place called Vinci (half SRS) Leonardo invented a new way of painting called sfumato. (SRS) Leonardo was also an architect and an inventor and designed an early helicopter. (SRS)
123ojo — 21/05/16
fjdjjfdbgkndfjnfjffih this wiill help u with that secttiomn of the course i hopn ee this piecfe of infomrmation hepllps ypou
Dodger — 22/05/16
Tuna — 22/05/16
what person should you write about for the question named political leader 1960-85 Ireland?
caitlinfinn — 25/05/16
Sean Lemass^
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