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Q5 indstrial revolution or the famine
jenny_1000 Junior Cert History — 12/06/16 4

does anybody know what kind of questions they would ask if these came up in Q5 for the accounts

Orlamariaflanagan — 11/06/16
For industrial Britain make sure you know an account on Health & Leisure, Housing and Diet & Eductation. Not sure about rural Ireland though.. I'm not studying that and hoping that it won't come up
k_10 — 12/06/16
was wondering what did you guys get for Q 5 and Q6 in the mocks. We might have gotten the same but i got plantations and rural Ireland during the famine , i think i was deb
jenny_1000 — 12/06/16
ya I got the same and I was deb
rflan01 — 12/06/16
We had the examcraft mock and had the reformation for Q5 and the Middle Ages for Q6
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