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    Q6A predictions Readelly2251

    does anyone have any predictions to what 6A will be

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      Omega Zero

      Renaissance came up in 2005,2010, NOT 2015. So maybe? There's also a chance for middle ages and industrial revolution.

      For some reason I think middle ages is going to come up in 6A and industrial revolution in q5.

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      Omega Zero

      Do you have any idea what will come up in geography?

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      Omega Zero

      Some feedback would be nice!

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      omega zero we have the same keyboard

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      social change century , irelnd politics 20th century and international relations always comes up

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      dont bother with section A and just do 2 of section B, C and D

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      Forget 6A. Do 6C and 6D because you can plan for them. Social change (6B) is a tricky question for marks as some of the examiners will be very picky and dock marks very easily.

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      6C there's a lot to learn I think

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      Ah I find it easy enough if you bullet point most of the possible accounts and have a general idea of what else happened. Works for me like a charm!

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