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Question 5 predictions
EimearO Junior Cert History — 11/06/16 3

Judging from the exam papers, as far as they go for the ones i have(incl. 2015), plantations are expected to come up in the question 5. In the last 12 years, only five topics have come up in the Question 5; The Age of Exploration and Discovery, The Revolutions(America, France and Ireland), The Irish Plantations, The Reformation and Industrial England/Rural Ireland. All other topics have come up 3 times in the last 12 years, except for The Plantations!

EimearO — 11/06/16
That's for higher level Junior Cert.
ScienceExam — 11/06/16
Eh I'm not really sure the "The Irish plantations will come up" ~ https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B0GqFKEnPj7bOTQ0amNXZDRmbVk It came up in 2013....
Orlamariaflanagan — 11/06/16
I'm studying Industrial England and Reformation for Q5, plantations ar expected to come up for 6(a)
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