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    Question 6 2016 Sarah123x

    My teacher told us in September that we could choose between Irish history and International Relations. I chose to do Irish history. I am now beginning to worry that this is not enough, that various questions from international relations can crop up anywhere on the paper e.g picture question or documents. Am I ok if i leave it out or should i try to learn the basics. Any predictions for question six would also be greatly appreciated, Thank you !

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      Mary Carroll

      I'd recommend to learn the basics👍🏻

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      Learn the basics. The choice at HL is to pick one of the following chapters / events:

      The Cold War

      India - The Birth of a Nation

      Moves Towards European Unity

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      There are no other choices that I know of on HIGHER level.

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      Thannk you! some girls in my class are choosing not to do irish history, is this as bad as leaving out international relations? should I let them know? Also i have been told that operation barbarossa is almost certain to come up this year, is there anything else on international relations that has a good chance of coming up, Thank you for everything so far !!

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      I predict that 2 of the Q6 questions will be

      - 1916 Easter Rising & War of Independence (considering it's the 100th anniversary of the rising)

      - Social Change in Twentieth Century Ireland (this is 100% going to come up - always does!)

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      Yes for higher level apart from that choice above, you should cover all aspects of the History course.

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      In ordinary level you have that choice of Irish history over international relations - NOT higher level.

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      Thank you so much ! cant believe my teacher never told us this! Am disgusted , I really appreciate all your help

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      No bother at all. There is a lot of crap teachers never tell students about. I find everything out myself as a result (like teaching myself all the Irish grammar which mine never teaches). Like I do History but I don't have a teacher for it.... I teach myself the subject. This means I also make my own work, I tell myself what exam paper questions to do etc - mad ino and when I do all this shit, I learn a lot more than getting somebody to teach myself.

      Charles Hayes' New Complete History also lets you know about the choices on each paper (whether HL or OL) - which I can provide as my main source for the choice of Irish history over international relations and the 1 out of 3 chapter choice for both levels.

      The point I'm saying is that don't believe what you're teachers tell you always. Always get yourself to do a bit of research using your books or the syllabus of the subject.

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      Like be your own teacher!

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      Thanks again! ya i have done one or two exam papers for geography and history(same teacher) but am completely useless for predictions all i know is that the q 6 on age of exploration in 2015 wont come up in 2016 and same for people in history, am useless in all other ways, thanks for your advise, will definitely take it on :)

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