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Question 6A Predictions
Aoife_9776 Junior Cert History — 27/05/16 4

Any predictions for question 6A? My teacher says the renaissance, reformation and industrial revolution are likely to come up. Any others?

SryanBruen — 24/05/16
2015: Ancient Ireland 2014: Age of Exploration and Discovery 2013: Ancient Civilisation Outside of Ireland (Ancient Rome or Egypt) 2012: The Middle Ages 2011: Ancient Ireland 2010: The Renaissance 2009: The Reformation 2008: The Industrial Revolution The Middle Ages maybe also but your teacher has good predictions according to recent years ^.
Aoife_9776 — 24/05/16
Thanks Sryan!
Orlamariaflanagan — 25/05/16
Plantations hasn't and it came up on DEB mocks so I'm studying that's and Middle Ages
Ciara_3539 — 27/05/16
im predicting industrial revolutions / plantations for Q5
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