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    Renaissance question 4 laoise.king.3

    For "an artist/sculpture in Renaissance" can "an artist in Renaissance outside Italy" be used. example albrecht durer.? So instead of learning 2 just the one? Thanks

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      If I was you I would learn the 2,just to be on the safe side! Cause either could pop up for the life ofs! Good Luck x

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      It would be prudent to learn both because a question like this came up in 2007 "A named Renaissance artist from Italy" so I would learn both Albreacht Dürer and Michelangelo and/or Leonardo da Vinci. Good luck

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      Thanks Ciararm and shamsa.shahid x

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      ya learn both to be on the safe side ........ might be extra work but u might kick yourself if u didn't learn the second one...........

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