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    Social History (Q6B) AubernGene

    I plan on doing this question in the exam because of the small range of topics it could be. Does anyone know a good way of structuring these answers when it asks for accounts of lets say housing, transport communication? Ex. (Would you say communications overall before the change - and then say what its like modern day? Or would you go through the changes one by one?) Thank you for any tips! :D

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      my teacher told me to stay away from this q because they mark it very hard. the revise wise history book has a good layout of each change and in what year! Good luck :)

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      Thank you :D Yeah see im just afraid to rely on (A) because its so unpredictable....

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      Alex F

      Would you consider doing the C part instead, it's on Irish History from 1902- 2000s and is always guaranteed to come up

      I agree with Sarah2014 they do mark the social history very hard. My teacher calls them " The A Grade Pitfall Trap" as it almost impossible to get full marks

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      yes I know part A is unpredictable. have you don't anything on ww2? as Alex F said maybe try and do part C. my teacher didn't do the end of the easter rising with us and the aftermath of it so I cant do that question. :(

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      Yeah we did the world war but it's just such a huge section that theres a lot of possibilities... I think i will do question C because I liked the Irish History chapters. @Alex F@Sarah2014 what part 6 questions do you plan on doing??

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      yeah im hoping to do part A and D :)

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      Alex F

      I'm hoping to do C and D but if A is good and D or C is bad then I'll do that instead

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      Use e-xamits sample answers for all the social change accounts, they are all A standard and are easy to learn, I myself am doing Social change in the exam too

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      Avoid 6B it's a very dodgy question

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      I've done a lot of looking into question 6 and have found that part (a) will be 'Ancient civilisation outside of Ireland, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the reformation or from farm to factory'. have some great accounts that you can learn for these topics! Hope I helped :)

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      thanks so much jack!!!

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