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    Someone send the HL paper History Fanni Schmacker

    Need the History HL Paper plez

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      David smith

      People in history


      A person living in an ancient civilisation OUTSIDE of Ireland

      A monk in early Christian monastery in Ireland

      A named Renaissance artist OUTSIDE Italy


      A named leader on a voyage of exploration

      A landlord in Ireland in the year 1850


      A farm labourer in the agri revolution

      A person living in south/north of Ireland during war years 1939-45


      There will be an account on

      The impact of reformation in Ireland

      Counter reformation

      Religious wars in Europe 1522-1648

      Do ONE of these

      Accounts Q6 answer 2 of these

      (A) The Middle Ages.There is accounts on monk in medieval monastery

      The knight

      The craftsmen Do 2 of them

      Social change in 20 the century

      Write about the changes in communications

      Political developments in 20 C Ireland

      Do 2 of following

      The civil war 1922-1923

      Ireland under de Valera 1932-39

      The first inter party government Ireland

      The civil rights movement in Northern Ireland

      International relations in the 20c

      Write account on either

      Early German victories I wwii

      Operation barabossa

      The allied landings 1944

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