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    That was all right JuniorParticipant

    What people in History did you do?

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      Servant in a Medieval Castle and Revolutionary Leader (Robespierre)

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      I do ordinary level!! :) id say i got an A

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      Scientist in the Renaissance and Revolutionary Leader (Washington)

      I thought it was very hard, I mean I knew everything on it but dear god!!

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      Archaeologist and Michael collins

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      I done the Renaissance writer Shakespeare and geogre Washington

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      Archeologist and Washington :D

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      Archaeologist and a setter

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      What parts did u do for q6? I done Irish history and international realitions

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      I did A. a named Renaissance writer (William Shakespeare) and

      B. a named leader in a revolutionary (Wolfe Tone)

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      If I didn't do a 10 mark question and half a people in history but I think I got the rest almost all full marks, could I still get an A 😩 please I just want to know what to expect

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      For q6 I did (b) and (d)

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      I done 6(A) and 6(D)

      The source question was pretty easy but the pictures i struggled with. Had no idea about Mary Robinson

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      I did so crap in Q6 i waffled most of it for the accounts.I learned everything about the war and the cold war except the cuban missile crisis and the korean war!I just had time to learn the berlin blockade.I did good in the rest of it...more or less.I waffled on the accounts for the celts,they were crap!There wasnt religion or celtic dress which I knew...i studied the most for history tbh and it was my worst exam :P

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      @ Cathy20155 that would mean that you got approx. 150/180 which is equal to 83 % which is a B

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      Cathy20155 it looks as if you lost about 20 marks, but an A is about 153 out of 180 so if you think you got full marks in every thing else, an A is still possible

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      For Question 6, I chose to do International Relations and Social changes in Ireland. The accounts question for Social changes in Ireland was literally the best thing ever as I had studied Transport changes and Housing changes! I was so happy with my accounts, as all of them I knew and studied prior to the exam! 😀

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      You can lose a max of 27 marks before falling to a B. Anyone think that they got an A?

      High hopes! :)

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      I done Archaoloegist and George Washington :D it actually wasnt bad. I was expecting loads on World Wars

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      didnt do too well in the age of exploration but the account was alright, wasnt 100 percent prepared for 6A, bluffed my way through the accounts, the housing wasnt too bad but the burial customs! Positive i got full marks in the people in history and possibly in 6D and the short questions because studied like mad for ww2 and the cold war! So upset though because i dont think i got an A and its the only subject i really wanted an A in, might have missed out by about 2% which is so upsetting..

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      Thank you. I guess that's ok. I just wish I hadn't spent so long on 1,2 and 3

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      I think I got an A. I was pretty well prepared as I really wanted to get a better grade since my pre

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      I answered Q6 (A) and (D)! . I think I did pretty well considering all I honestly did together was like 5 hrs of study (yes I'm an idiot I know!). I only knew like half of george washington but my archaeologist was the bomb! aaah well I expect a big fat B staring me in the face on my results paper! Thank God for that tho, because I was honestly pissing myself for history..1

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      It was actually alright tbh I was OL tho but I done archaeologist but I ran out of time to do another one... Should I be worried???

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      caoimhe walsh

      I thought HL was goodish, i did work of the archaeologist and A person who recieved land

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      I did HL and thought it was okay. I'd say I'll get a B.

      For the People In History I did a servant in a medieval castle and Pádraig Pearse(I can't remember the exact title for the people in history on Pádraig Pearse but it was the very last option).

      For Question 6 I did part C and part D

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      Do they mark it hard? My mind went blank for the industrial revolution people in history so I just wrote that George Washington was the leader, 13 colonies, about the Boston tea party and the stamp act does that get anything?

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      American revolution*

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      Every significant point like stamp act gains two points

      The stystem is 16/4

      8 key points are needed

      The examiner then marks you out of 4 depending on how good your story was.

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      Well I probably got 5 /20 then I made a complete mess of the paper

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      I wrote about the archaeologist and a leader from the Revolutions (Washington). I was so relieved that Section 5 was about the Age of Explorations. I found the Industrial Revolution (which was the other topic that was likely to appear in Section 5) boring to study.

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