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    The Age of Exploration: Incas and Aztecs Please help! Aoife_9776

    How much detail do we need to know about the Incas and the Aztecs? Should I learn all the details about the war between the natives and conquistadors or can I leave some bits out? What's the most important bits? Please help! :)

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      Depends on the number of marks going for it. Divide the no. Marks by 2 this is the number of points that you have to write about.

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      The point are approx 2-3 lines each, with names, places, dates etc. It has to contain good info that shows that you know what youre talking about.

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      What are the most important bits to learn for the incas and aztecs?

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      Well obviously mention who invaded them, ie aztecs were invaded by hernando cortez and i think pizzaro invaded the incas

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      Talk about why they invaded, what attracted them, what happened as a result, etc. Go through your textbook and write out 6-7 well developed pieces of historical fact. That is the most that you ever need for a question like this. I got an A in jc history and that is all i prepared.

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      Do I need to know all the details about the conquisadors battling the natives or can I just summarise it

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      oh right thanks

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      Summarise and youll be grand 😊

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      Thanks! :)

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      Michelle Uwakk

      I dont think you have to learn Age Of Exploration at all for this year because it came up last year just know your short question and youll be grand for the exploration chapter

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