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Thoughts on the paper??? (HL)
Noah Thomas Junior Cert History — 17/06/16 12

Going into this exam I was thinking: "Low B, High C", but going out I thought: "High B, Low A"! I did find a few Q6 C and D account Q's a bit difficult (I did Inter-Party and War in the Pacific). Other than that, People in History were nice, Q 5 was nice. Short Q's seemed a bit hard, but not too bad. Q's 1 + 2 were easy enough! :) What were your thoughts? Oh and what was the answer to the question on the pictures: "What's the area inside the walled courtyard called?" I said a Baliff....don't know if that was right :)

DylanH — 15/06/16
I think it was easy enough. I'm hoping a good A. Btw it was Bailey
sirbuildalot — 15/06/16
I'm pretty sure I aced the exam. The area is called a Bailey
mvalentine — 15/06/16
I thought it was easy enough also. Hoping for an A. U do know u had to right two accounts in each part of question 6. For part D I did the battle of Britain and the war in the Pacific.
rocky123 — 15/06/16
It is not bailey it is a bawn because a bailey is the wall not the enclosed area
mathswhiz101 — 15/06/16
yes its a bawn
rocky123 — 15/06/16
no sorry it is a bailey i was confused i said bailey but im with my friend now and they told me it was a bawn but i said bailey an i just looked up what is a bailey and thats what is is, so sorry about the confusion
Noah Thomas — 15/06/16
Yeah, I kind of knew it was wrong, but it was worth a shot! :) And @mvalentine I did know you had to answer two :) I was just saying the ones I had trouble on, the other ones were fine! :) I'm hoping for and A!
Cian_8941 — 15/06/16
Btw the bailiff collected taxes ☺
jackkfleming — 15/06/16
Think it went really well, only problem is the paper is only 180 marks so 1 mark lost is almost 1 percent
Noah Thomas — 16/06/16
Yeah, that's one problem that people could run into! Minor mistakes could affect the result a lot... if there's a lot of minor mistakes :)
fergal28 — 16/06/16
The Bawn is the enclosure inside the wall where as the bailey is the wall itself
rwa1 — 17/06/16
its not the bailey is the huge enclosed area, and the bawn is the stone house undertakers had to build
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