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    Which is a better choice history or geography? DeEry111

    I would appreciate an answer to find out which subject is more beneficial to do. I like history better than geography but my history teacher is shit and my geography teacher is alright. What do I do

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      Do History if you prefer it.

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      I do both geography and history and I can honestly tell you both of them are a lot of work and a lot of writing. If you prefer history then I would tell you to go with history because at the end of the day it is all about the work you put in and how much you study, not how your teacher teaches it. I would definitely count history as one of the most interesting subjects as you always learn something new whereas with geography it is nearly the exact same as the junior cert course just a bit more detail and a few more chapters. The history course is nothing like the junior cert course for first or second year, but everything you learn in third year is really relevant.

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      geography is much easier in my opinion. but then again it might just be my teacher. they both require the skill of "learning off" so its the same thing. whatever grasps youre interest is better tho as its easier to remember. and choose what would be useful for life skills. if youre going to be a meteorologist than do geography for example.

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