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    World war 2 etc Amy O'Callaghan

    Do you need this in the exam? Should I learn it well? We just got it finished before the end of school so i'm not too sure about it. Can I avoid it?

    Thanks :)

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      You can but you would have to revise sections of the course. Social change comes up every year and so does Irish history. So you could focus on those parts. The (A) part of question 6 is quite unpredictable though. I wouldn't advise learning all those sections tonight as the exam is tomorrow. Although if a section you like comes up on question (A), you can go ahead and do it.

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      Also know key points from European history. Like enabling act, March on time, fascism etc. They can be useful for short questions.

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      Amy O'Callaghan

      Thanks :) I think that I'll do social change and Irish history, I have revised them quiet well :) Hope business went well for you today :)

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      It went fantastic. I studied so much last night so it was quite easy. All my a/c's balanced so I think I will get an A. How did you find it

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      Amy O'Callaghan

      That's great! :D It went good for me too! I did the cashflow forecast, and the two bookeeping questions on paper two and they both balanced so i was delighted! I did the documents question too and that was good! On paper 1 i did the club a/cs which were good because i practiced loads of them! The other questions were good too! :)

      Im so happy that we're nearly finished now! Just a few more days! :)

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      I know. I'm so excited for summer. My last exam is music on the 17th. What's yours?

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      Amy O'Callaghan

      My last one is German on Friday! :) Good luck in the rest of your exams :)

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      monday tec graph :)

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      What did you get in club acc question 1 mine went really bad and ended up as a deficit >.<

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      Amy O'Callaghan

      I cant remember exactly what i got but i think it was a surplus somewhere around the 10,000 :)

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      Good luck guys tomorrow with French and history. I'm sure we'll all do great

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      Amy O'Callaghan

      Good luck to you too 😊:)

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