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    Advice on the Practical/ Cooking Eve_6727

    I am doing task 6 so I have to make a savoury dish and a snack suitable for a school canteen.

    I'm not really sure what to make. I have good cooking skills but my timing is not great so I need something not too challenging.

    Has anyone picked what they're making yet? I was thinking lasagne and a grenola drink but maybes its too time consuming...

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      Katie G

      Havent done home ec since 3rd year but if you have problems with timing then lasagne is a bad idea! It takes a long time! I made chorizo and chicken pasta (soooo easy but really tasty)

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      I'm doing brief 7 and made a lasagna in school as practice twice and got it finished within an hour and a half!! Just work on chopping veg quickly because it can waste time! You could do a pasta bake?? And I would do a smoothie as its really simple! Good luck x

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      why dont you make a chicken curry with lots of vegetables and brown rice? *choose veg you can chop easily and quickly like broccoli or the tiny sweet corn/ Mange tout (green pepper thing). Maybe half a yellow pepper for colour?

      the spices heat you up, the chicken is protein, fibre in the rice, vitamins in the veg..

      it will actually appeal to the teenagers and it will educate the students in making a home made curry rather than your local chinese takeaway...

      Or a chicken chorizo stir fry like KATIE (I done this for my practical for LC for the student on a budget task)..

      maybe a fruit scone and jam for the snack because their ''simple'' to bake, I dont think granola is a good idea with the nuts in it (if your allergic to nuts it can be airborne and fateful)

      *Dont complicate things. you havent got that much time considering you've to prep before and clean towards the end.


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      I'm doing this task too and I am cooking a chicken stir fry with loads of vegetables and Chinese rice wine, and I am making a smoothie as the snack

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