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    Cookery Practical dervla1999


    Okay so, my official home ec practical exam is next Wednesday afternoon. Like most, I'm scared of messing up and not being done on time. The thing is, so far I've practiced 3 times (between home and school) and I was just wondering if I should bother practicing again? I have task 5 (special occasion) and I'm not really confident on making it. I know the recipe for both dishes and I know how to make them but, time management is my problem. Plus my mum is sick of buying me the same ingredients over and over again, she thinks its a waste of food and money.

    Anyway, should I work on it again? Home ec is my best subject when it comes to the written exam, but to be honest when you have to cook while an examiner is staring at you (it feels like that anyway) it is a lot harder under p

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      If you're not confident making it then I would definitely say make it as much as you can between now and the exam!

      Also, it's not a waste of food and money to buy the same ingredients over and over when you're practicing for a Junior Cert exam, just like it's not a waste of money to buy more paper when you're writing things out as revision for another subject. Your mom probably doesn't understand the importance of it - I know my mom sure doesn't.

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      Thank you :) I think I will give it another go but the only problem I have now is that im making red velvet cupcakes and have no red food colouring hahaha. Thanks :)

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