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    HE Practical exam question Blaithin15

    Hi-- for the 1/2 hour prep time, do you have chop all of the ingredients that need to be chopped?

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      Hi! It's very important not to chop before the examiner enters the room as they don't get the chance to see your skills!

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      Hey. Yeah make sure you chop all of the vegetables in front of the examiner. But I also need to mention that that 1/2 and hour prep time is absolutely not for chopping vegetables! That prep time is to gather all of your needed equipment and ingredients(that have already been measured out at home). You arent even allowed pre-heat your oven in that time. Hope I helped :)

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      can someone tell me how to fill out the booklet for cookery practical

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      Its pretty straight forward, it really depends what tast you're doing

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      Our teacher is getting us o use a template she got online, it has all of this years one yo so maybe if you google something like "2015 cookery task templates" or something? They're really handy

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      DO NOT cut your vegetables. You will be docked marks if you do it when the examiner isn't there

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