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    home ec cooking task diyalsjdjldam

    I got task 1 which is to bake scones and muffins can you guys give me any ideas for scones and muffins please and is there a blueberry scones

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      A girl in my class is making blueberry muffins and i think cheery or raspberry scones? If you check some cook books (ask your home ec teacher or go to the library) for some muffins and scones recipes :) A friend of mine is just making plain scones. You could do rasin scones as well? Hope this helps :) (the bbc cooking website is really good and the jamie oliver website)

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      thank you

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      Raspberry and white chocolate muffins? I think just plain tea scones but make good big sized ones!! And have like a little bowl of jam and cream beside them when serving for presentation!! Your so lucky you got that brief I'm making a main course and I cannot cook at all!!

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      @Elisha447 You should cook Pizza and Wedges :) They're really simple to cook, present and show plenty of skill :D

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