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home ec jc predictions
diyalsjdjldam Junior Cert Home Economics — 16/06/16 9

any one know what might come up in the junior cert home ec

sarahdaly7 — 03/05/16
i have a list of predilctions in my locker ill send them to you tomorrow my teacher made them and there broken down into thew five sections xx
diyalsjdjldam — 03/05/16
thank you
diyalsjdjldam — 04/05/16
do u have the predictions
diyalsjdjldam — 04/05/16
can i have your email
ec2406 — 08/05/16
@sarahdaly7 could you send that to me also? I'm kilkennycat24@gmail.com
jade1999_x — 08/05/16
And could please send them to me as well. Thanks :) @jadewhiriskey99@gmail.com
sarahdaly7 — 10/05/16
Nutrition : protein fat carbohydrates vitamins minerals water Diets : teen children adult obesity vegetarian Food processing packaging safety and hygiene Meat fish fruit cheese milk home baking Letter of complaint rights of consumers Consumer responsibilities Family roles and relationships Health health hazards Blood Digestion Teeth Services to home Room planning Work triangle Enviroment Sewing machine Fabric care Fasion
ec2406 — 14/05/16
@sarahdaly7 thanks a lot. Just wondering though, what are these predictions based of?
Lucy_4466 — 16/06/16
Are these long or short questions??
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