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    home economics Aineoc1

    home economics folder ; any tips?

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      what do u mean?

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      maybe an accordian folders then it covers all the subjects? i dno

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      is this for your support folder on a textile project??

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      well what i did was add pictures relating to my cushion (which is what i made). the design was a peacock so if there was any boring pages i would add a photo relating to that. follow your headings your teachers give you, and use LOADS of pics from magazines :) that should get you extra marks :) write down what you did every week in detail, draw diagrams, and take photos of your craft of each step you did to make it for your work plan :) hope this helped

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      tnx :) really helped me but i didnt take pictures of my craft each week! will i loose marks for this?

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      i dont think so i just thinnk its a nice extra, it shows the examiner you put in some effort :) you could draw it instead maybe, to show the examiner you took time to put the folder together :) thats what im doing for week 1 and 2 as i didnt take pics for those stages cause i hadnt thought oif the idea then ;)

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      do you still need help with your project?

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