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How did you guys find the exam!!
by lucyc57 Junior Cert Home Economics — 17/06/16 6

Some of the short questions were hard but I was happy with the long questions!

sophie544 — 17/06/16
Yeah short questions were hard
Sarah2014 — 17/06/16
Yeah the short questions were so hard
Lily@study — 17/06/16
I agree it was a fair paper overall though I'm happy with it
jade1999_x — 17/06/16
Short questions were hard but the long were nice enough
Elisha447 — 17/06/16
Really happy with it :) short questions Were hard but I don't mind because long questions made up for it !
Ck18 — 17/06/16
What did ye get for the the fungus question? I got 64.2279
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