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Study tips for Home Ecomics
shannonc101 Junior Cert Home Economics — 29/11/16 7

Does anybody have any good study tips for home ec, for remembering the composition etc

IrishJuniorCert — 22/11/16
Right it down and keep memorizing it?
Eimear_d — 22/11/16
Hi :) This guide might help? https://www.studyclix.ie/Blog/Show/how-i-got-an-a-in-junior-cert-home-economics
tutoliscious — 22/11/16
use everyday examples like going around ur houuse and places and list out things
Abbieosullivan1 — 28/11/16
dont bother like jus try yo best
Delahunt — 28/11/16
i would say try and write it down without looking at the book or copy then after look at them fill in the blanks.... keep doing it on your own (maybe every 3 days or sumn) and look at the book after until you are able to write them down without anything .....memorise the key words and the sentence will follow
Pat7810 — 28/11/16
Abbieosullivan1 — 29/11/16
haha pa da man
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