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    What is on the home ecomomics mock? MichelleMcCabe

    Anyone know what is on the home ec Mock?

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      my teacher told us to learn about textile studies because it is definitely on the test. Id say its a long question. also I advise you to go over nutrition, consumer studies, and the skin, teeth etc because they generally come up. Mine is tomorrow morning. Good luck! (If im not too late)

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      maybe learn some cooking terms like al dente and all that. If you have the Lifewise book theres a whole page on that

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      what page is that on

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      what page is that on

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      its in the cooking chapter, the purple section. I cant remember the exact page sorry but its a two page spread and its a yellow colour and it says Glossary of cooking terms at the top

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      whats on the paper for home ec

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      long questions; 1. Cheese 2. Forget 3. Consumer studies(advertising, markets, etc) 4. Aerobic exercise, mental health in teens 6. Linen!!! know linen really well (hahaha I didn't )

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      in my home ec mocks there was 1.cheese 2.forget 3.consumer rights and responsibilities and a letter of complaint 4.forget 5.digestion 6.wool

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      Mine was examcraft: Q1- cheese Q2-eggs Q3-Consumer studies (adverts) Q4-Mental health, aerobic exercise Q5-Management (saving water, work triangle and ergonomics) Q6-Linen

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      Is this DEB?

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