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    What should I cook for my Home Ec exam? Student987

    Our Home Ec practical is worth 50% for our summer tests.

    The brief was "Muffins with a twist". The test is in two days and I haven't decided what I'm making yet, let alone practised it, as I was away for a while. I need something easy and fool proof but tasty and looks good.

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      My friends made muffins with sprinkles in them ( she had to buy ones in town though )

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      you could do rainbow muffins like have each layer a different colour/flavour

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      Alex F

      Make muffins as per usual, when cool enough instead of putting the icing on top of the muffin, inject the icing into the muffin and give it a Secert Filling

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      you could try make do a "marbling" effect which would involve making a large batch of vanilla cupcakes separate the mixture and add cocoa powder to one half. then take a spoon of the vanilla batch and add that to a cupcake case and a spoon of the chocolate mixture. Then swirl them around a bit to give them a cool effect when you cook them.

      This idea is literally so easy as its just like baking normal cupcakes. You also just need one extra ingredient and as its not hard it shouldn't need much practise. Maybe do it once and experiment with the patterns and designs.

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      Just like Alex F said inject icing into the muffin. If you go to the baking isles in tescos they have packets of ready made frosting with a nozzel to inject icing in your cupcakes :)

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      Make the muffins with weed that will be some twist

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