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    Can the Modh Coinniollach come up in the grammar section? sean.hilliard2

    Since they started the grammar section 4 years ago, the past tense has come up twice while the present and future has come up once. Is it worthwhile studying the modh coinniollach for THIS PART of the test?? Thanks:)

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      Yep probably won't be on it but because it hasn't come up before it might this year :)

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      Have a general understanding e.g know the endings. But I'd say don't bother learning the irregular verbs in the modh coinníollach. Also, if you're completely lost, and you're lucky, you might be able to find the use of modh coinníollach in the léamhthuiscint which might help you

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      11ND - CCM

      I would recommend learning the modh coinníolach. Like you say it's never come up and there's a good chance it could this year. Everyone says it's harder, but really it's not. All you have to do is learn the endings and most of the irregulars are similar to the future tense ones. I think you should learn the irregulars invade it comes up because they aren't that different to the future tense, and you could be in trouble if you don't. Also just learn a few rules about it like all verbs except vowels, L, N and R take "h's" and F takes "D'fh" etc.

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      my teacher has prepared us for all tenses including the modh cionniolach and the saor briathar. she said she was doubtful they would come up but you never know!

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      what is the modh coinniolach?

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