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    Irish exam? adam98

    In the letter in paper 2 i wrote about a caring person "cairduil" and not a famous person"cailiuil" ! Do u think ill lose many marks over this? How did the rest of yas find the exam?

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      It's hard to say. It could depend on your examiner and if they know how you made the mistake. You might lose 1 or 2 marks, or A LOT. You're probably safe for the opening, ending and layout anyway but idk how many marks are going for that

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      majority of the marks go for if u messed that up then ur fucked.....otherwise u would get the majority, which is better than nothing...

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      Well for the letter theres 3 marks for leagan amach, 17 marks for gaeilge and 10 marks for ábhar (topic/subject)

      yeah but that's only 1 spelling/grammar mistake technical, so wouldn't it be like 1 mark lost for the Gaeilge and then pretty much all the marks lost for the Ábhar

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      Thanks id say ive messed up my chances of a B then so

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      11ND - CCM

      It depends on the kind of examiner that will mark your paper. If you only get, say,4 out of 10 for your ábhar because yours points were wrong, then the most marks possible to get for your Gaeilge is something around 8, I'm not quite sure. But basically, depending on the way your ábhar is marked, regardless of how good your Irish is, you could only get a limited number of marks according to my Irish teacher at least. Hope you get a nice examiner :)

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      i know a good few people who made the same mistake dont worry about it summer is coming!

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      I made the same mistake :o I wrote about my friend :L u never know they might think my friend was famous :') oh well won't make that mistake again!

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      I made the same mistake is well i wrote about a new student in the school, i took a wild guess and it was completely wrong dont worry you will be grand haha

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