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    Need Help Higher Level? halpino54

    Trying The Higher Level Paper But Really Struggling To Understand The Comprehension's? Any Tips?

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      The most important this to do is understand the meaning of the questions . Look back in every exam paper and sample paper that has come up and take note of them , translate them and make sure you can remember the meaning of them for again . The answer usually has hints in the question .

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      Thank You!

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      Yes, exam papers probably your best bet. I think we usually forget to go to our papers when studying but i would say to become more familair with layouts and key words in the questions etc. . As regards the comphrehension itself our teacher says its all about just knowng your words and phrases because theres not many ways to understand it :))

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      What I find with the comprehensions is you are not going to understand every word but pick out the words in the sentence that you do know and piece it together. Its easy enough after that :)

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      Junior cert Irish classes .saturdays @11 .Teanga Bheo, conradh na Gaeilge Thomas street ,limerick .086. 3013764

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