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    Poems!!!!! tinash

    I studied around 20 poems , what poem is THE BEST ONE i could rely on , i need one that suits most themes

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      midterm break and dulce et decorum est. those are the only ones I know and so far every poetry exam question that I have answered(a lot) , those two poems suited them all! but theres no harm knowing another one i guess

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      Dulce et decorum est is a good poem and I like daffodils too but you might need another one like the general just to be sure

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      in Irish or English? in Irish i did an Faoilean

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      Guys, I'd like to point out that this is a Junior Cert Irish discussion. You can see it on top of this discussion page. It's either that or tinash made an honest mistake.

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      Sorry tinash, we did an blascaid mor anis and subh milis but I'm not sure which Irish poems are best.

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      Dazzla16 thank you!!!!!!! I did not make a mistake :'D I was weirded out by it too. Guys its fine I know I failed Irish!

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      oh sorry all i saw was poems and i jumped straight into english xD

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