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    Seanfhocail MysticManiac

    I have my Irish Paper 1 mock tomorrow and I was hoping somebody could give me some useful Seanfhocail to use in my ceapadóireacht. Please give seanfhocails which can be used in many stories/essays

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      I use this website and found it great hope it helps

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      11ND - CCM

      Is bh'fiú an tairbhne an trioblóid - the trouble is worth the effort.

      Ní gá a rá - needless to say.

      Níl aon saoi gan locht - there's no expert without fault.

      Ag screadagh in ard a chinn is a ngutha - screaming at the top if there lungs.

      Níl aon tintéan mar do thintéan féin - no place like home.

      Chun an fhirinne a rá - to tell the truth.

      Bhíomar sceimhlithe inár mbeatha - frightened for our lives.

      Níor thug an réiteoir cothrom na Féinne dár bhfoireann - the referee didn't give fairness to our team (nice sports related one).

      I hope a few of these are helpful. I say my Irish paper 1 already and it's nothing to worry about :-)

      Nice one for the end of any essay: bhain an eachtra sin an-gheit ar fad asainn go léir - it's had a huge effect on all if us.

      Have fun chap!!

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