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    Ways to learn stuff off? Sophie-Park

    Learning stuff for the scrudu beil and our teacher wants us to learn about 20 line off by heart everynight.I try to learn it by saying it over and over but its not going in? Any other methods??

    Also for learning quotes from Romeo and Juliet in English :)

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      Write it out a few times

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      Write it out a few times

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      I find that writing it out is very handy, but with that much it would definitely hurt your hand! :( Tomorrow we have to learn of a story for a test on Tuesday we are allowed to record other people reading it out, then whenever we have time, we play it over and over again, I find that is realllly handy because It just flows into your head! Give it a try and see if it helps! :)

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      Thank you so much :)

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