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    What am i meant to answer ? bisolaxo

    in the ceapadoireacht do i answer every question and if not what do i answer? What's best to study for? and do i answer all of the Buntuiscint and Leirthuiscint?

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      For Ceapadoireacht, you answer any ONE question in A, B OR C and you have to write an A4 page and a half. A is the Aiste (Essay). B is the Scéal (Story) and C is the Diospóireacht (Debate). It's easier to do the scéal because you always write in the past tense for that

      There's no such thing as a Buntuiscint or Leirthuiscint. You must be getting confused. The exam starts off with the Cluasthuiscint (Listening) and you must answer every question. Then after that, there's the Léamhtuiscint (Reading). There's 2 reading comprehensions and you must answer all questions on both reading comprehensions. Then there is the grammar section (Trialacha Teanga Comhthéacsúla) which consists of A and B and you must answer both.

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      11ND - CCM

      You're the on getting confused my Mystic Matey.. There is such thing as buntuiscint and leartuiscint... They are on paper 2 in the unseen prós and filíocht. You have to answer ONE from BOTH A and B followed by ANOTHER from which ever one you choose (A or B). If the question you choose has two parts you have to answer both. So in total, you don't answer all 6, but instead just 3. Simply: one from each and another of your choice.

      This goes for prós and filíocht!!

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      thanks you xx

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