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    What to study? emmaRpowderly

    1 week left to the start of the junior cert and I have no idea how to improve my Irish. I know my poem and pros but I'm seriously stuck for paper one

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      For paper 1 make sure you know your question words as they come up in the leamhthuiscint. Try and do as muh grammar as possible and know your tenses as this is a ten mark question. For the Ceapadoireact (essay/story) i just learn phrases to do with an accident as this will fit into one of the topics hopefully! :)

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      Leamhthuiscint, you don't have to write in your own words. It really doesn't make a difference

      For grammar question, learn the tenses and be familiar with other grammar in Irish

      Ceapadóireacht, do a plan before starting your story, and try to pick Scéal/Eachtra because that can be written in the past tense always. Aiste is fine as well but I'd avoid ceapadoireacht. Also, you can learn your Scéal off by heart but just change it a bit on the day to suit the topic

      For the Litir, learn the layout, the introduction and the ending off by heart, and just make sure not to leave out any of the points in the question.

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