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    Advanced Irish? SryanBruen

    I hate doing what my teacher tells me to do on writing stories and essays in Irish. He keeps saying use the phrases he gave us and stop trying to translate literally. Start thinking in Irish - which is confusing? But two things wrong with that, I try to make every story interesting and challenging (of writing). I don't want to use frequent phrases over and over again - I like to mix it up a little and look for a challenge. After all, I'm not learning from repeating the same stories just a different subject or plot. Secondly, I don't translate my sentences / phrases literally, I research them on dictionaries such as teanglann and what, he corrects them of saying I translate them literally - again it's not me translating them? If I want to know about more advanced Irish OR grammar I'm not being taught in school, is grinds the solution to go? Please help....

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      you're not looking for a interesting story to write for the junior cert, if you have an interesting story plus its all correct you'll get the same marks as if you write an un-original story that also uses the phrases that your teacher gives you

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      This doesn't help me whatsoever ^

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      well what I'm trying to say is there is no point in wanting to write "Advanced irish" if you would just use the phrases that your teacher gives you and you make your own story around those phrases. That's how you answer these questions

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      He gave us less than 30 phrases, which you can't use just them to write the story! Read my post again and see why there is a point in writing like I would in English stories! 'Cuz I want to LEARN! I don't care about the HORRIFIC, STUPID syllabus. I actually want to speak and learn the language.

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      Breatha teanga í a labhairt!

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      Unfortunately the exam can be easily manipulated to rote learn and end up getting decent grades. With Irish, I recommend you to find 3-4 essays which you can use in any situation and learn them off. If you feel you wnat to improve your Irish I would recommend to do possibly some sort of an Irish course during Christmas or try duolingo, as they start from the beginning unless you want to do a short test so that they start you elsewhere and you can learn grammar and things in that. Hope this helps

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      i think you should write how you want to write. your teacher is there to help you but, he wont be correcting your exam

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      i go to a gaelscoil and i think that if you ant to learn irish fluently then that is what you should do but dont throw away marks in your jc just because you want to write a flashy story. save that for your spare time

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      You can make your Irish sound more advanced by practicing. It's great to learn the language outside of school and I recommend listening to Raidio na Gaeltacht and maybe go to your library and pick up a novel or short story that was written in Irish, not one translated from English to Irish like Harry Potter, pick up one that was written in Irish.

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