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any predictions for letter or eachtra?
student331 Junior Cert Irish — 02/06/16 6

I have a feeling holiday abroad or a match could come up for eachtra and maybe a new shopping centre for the litir but have no idea. I know Irish is hard to predict but does any have an opinion of this by any chance?

Aoife_9776 — 30/05/16
Our teacher says a musician will come up for the Eachtra
orlab123 — 30/05/16
Something to do with sport since the Olympics is coming up or movies since star wars was filmed in Ireland
orlab123 — 30/05/16
*This year
Aoife_9776 — 31/05/16
Was is actually?
Aoife_9776 — 31/05/16
Maybe one on a 1916 parade/ event you went to
JCScenes — 02/06/16
Any more ideas?
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