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    Any tips and tricks for doing well in the Irish oral? Rachelea

    Hi everyone, I'm wondering if anyone has a tips to do well in the Irish oral exam? It's worth 40% and I'd like to do well in it but I'm not confident speaking Irish. Any ideas? :)

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      Keep learning new phrases. Read them over and over again. Make notes on each topic, sraith pictiur and rolghlacadh. Keep reading them over and over again, maybe ask your teacher to do a practice mock oral with you.

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      Thanks! What questions does the examiner usually ask, is it just about yourself, past-times, school?

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      For my oral last year, I was asked about my self, my school, my family, my area, my hobbies, sport, music, the gaeltacht ( because I have gone before ) and 1916.

      Prepare these topics quite well. I doubt 1916 will be asked because this was due to the 100th anniversary. If your oral is taking place in March/April, have some knowledge of Patrick's day and Easter. If earlier and you would really like to show off, your New Years resolutions. However, don't stress if that is too much. Try keep talking in your oral without getting asked. The examiner would prefer to not have to ask questions. Try perhaps to lead each topic into eachother. For example, if you talk about music as a hobbie, you can lead that into saying that it's your favourite subject in school too. This leads these topics together without the examiner having to ask questions. Don't worry it goes by so fast, no need to be worried you'll be grand. If you need anymore help, I'm here:)

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      Thanks so much! :)

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