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    Anyone else completely f up unseen poetry on paper 2? EH458

    Everything was going amazing, paper 1 went perfectly, the pros was fine, but THEN. The poetry came along. Didn't understand the themes put across nor the vocabulary used in them, and there was no box underneath to describe the hard words!! The letter brought my hopes back up though

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      Ya same!! I just guessed all questions! But that's only one thing out of the entire exam I think it's only worth 6% so it's nothing to worry about I still feel happy with the exam ! :)

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      I thought it was simple

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      omg and the stupid vampire on the reading section?!?!!? I didn't have a clue about any of it

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      Omg the first one was so hard!! I was raging that that they took that box away aswell!! The rest of the paper was grand though.

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