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    asap help please Sarah2014

    does the rules for the saorbriathar change if it is a briathar neimhrealta like clois/beir etc

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      Kinda. They're all different like:

      See how dúirt mé - I said

      Dúradh - Was said (no "i" or "t")


      Deirim - I say

      Deirtear - Is said (follows the rule, just an irregular stem, deir)

      Déarfaidh mé - I will say

      Déarfar - Will say (again follows the rule, just an irregular stem, déar)

      I'd advise you to learn off the Aimsir Chaite briathra neamhrialta saorbhriathar because some are very irregular, see:

      Dúradh - abair

      Rugadh - beir

      Bhíothas - bí

      Chualathas - clois

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      ahhhhhhhhhhhh theres so much to learn ok thanks :)

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      Well with a little practice, I can get the grammar rules and briathra neamhrialta stuck like glue into your brain

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      yeah ill give it a go haha thanks again

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      Just drop it. Or deliberately fail a dyslexia exam....

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      It's actually very easy benkealy. I was once so stressed and sick and tired of Irish. But now thanks to all my study, now I find it an exceptionally easy subject / exam. It is one of the few I am totally not worried about including with English, Music and History.

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      Though some have spelling mistakes such as:

      Déarfar (has a fada on the first "a" in this link)

      It will help you very good!

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