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Eachtra a tharla sna sléibhte
JCScenes Junior Cert Irish — 13/07/16 4

So, for my story I wrote about my family and I walking in the mountains with my friend too. I said it was so boring and I snook off to the shop. Then my story was pretty much a robbery. Is this okay??

SryanBruen — 11/06/16
But it says when walking in the mountains... it does not say after walking in the mountains.
barcelona — 11/06/16
in Irish you get marked for the quality of your Irish, so don't worry. Sure you may lose some marks but not a lot. relax the test is done now so you can't do anything about it.
liamh00 — 13/07/16
Can you say that you fell while walking the mountains and woke up in hospital?
SryanBruen — 13/07/16
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