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    What's the difference between a scéal and an aiste.Which is easier?

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      A scéal is written in the Aimsir Chaite (Past Tense) which is handy (because you only need to know one tense in general for it). If you know two scéalta off by heart as in what goes on then you're set. There are two choices on the paper for the scéal. One is where you have to begin your story with a certain sentence you're given (I never do this one) and the other one is about an event that happened at a particular setting that you're given. Students tend to learn only Timpiste (an accident) as their scéal for their exam as you can fit into every second choice on the exam papers. But with aiste, you need to know a good few different essays as there are a lot of choices that could come up and on the exam paper itself, there are 5 choices to choose from. The aiste must be written in a mixture of tenses.

      Examples of aistí could include:

      - The media

      - School issues

      - Sports and pastimes

      Examples of scéalta could include:

      - An accident

      - A robbery

      - A party

      - A storm (which Timpiste can fit into)

      - A concert

      As you can see, scéalta are much easier.

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      i have HUGE writing so is 2 pages enough for scéal. also when your writing the scéal can u write a bit about the lead up to the event. for example if "you and your friend at the shopping" is asked can you talk about how you made plans like fuair mé téacs do mo chara etc.

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      Yes Adam that's more than enough! Plus the scéal is about setting the scene before you get onto the event.

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