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    Grammar help available SryanBruen

    Irish grammar can be very tricky compared to most languages and this thread will help you improve your Irish grammar by answering to your difficulties / questions. Don't hesitate to ask!

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      could you post some saor briathar verbs, my teacher recommends we use them in our sceal

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      Tugadh _____ dom - I was given (e.g. Tugadh soláistí saor dom - I was given free refreshments)

      Briseadh an fhuinneog - The window got broken / The window broke

      Rugadh mé i gContae Baile Átha Cliath - I was born in Dublin (just thought I'd throw that one in)

      Itheadh an cáca milis a d'fhág mo mháthair ar an mbord - The cake that my mother left on the table was eaten

      Chonacthas an sicín ag dul trasna an bhóthair - The chicken was seen going across the road

      Fuarthas an litir san oifig - The letter was received in the office

      Ceannaíodh an bia inné - The food was bought yesterday

      Do you get the gist of saorbhriathra ^?

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      The window was broken*

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