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    Help HL Grammer evelyndajlani

    Can someone please help me with HL verbs, my teacher in primary and secondary are hopeless and never taught me the verbs, my parents dont know irish and I dont understand my book well. Does anyone know any websites i could learn the verbs from ? Thanks

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      Duolingo it's free and you can also learn other languages on it too

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      What verbs?

      Regular verbs - past, present, future and conditional?

      Irregular verbs?

      I can help you if you please be more specific

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      Thank you !

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      I needed help on past present and future but i got a tutor anyway, thank you very much though :)))

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      Yeah Duolingo is great for learning the basics of Irish :)

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      Forming those tenses are very simple! Use my grammar book - I'm making it myself and practice the exercises on the tenses in it! Remember the more practice, the better!

      attachment Sryan Bruen's Irish Grammar.docx

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