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Help me please
NLJM Junior Cert Irish — 16/11/16 5

What is the difference between "Scéil" and "Scéal"

kevdog — 15/11/16
I think scéal is just 'story' but scéil is when you change it because of something before it ie ábhair an scéil (subject/topic of the story)
flashgut — 16/11/16
There's an 'i' in scéil
Bengee — 16/11/16
They mean the same thing, just spelt differently for grammatical purposes
A-123St — 16/11/16
Scéal is the normal spelling of the word, scéil is its tuiseal ginideach form.
SryanBruen — 16/11/16
A-123St is correct.
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