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Help with eachtra
seanca1 Junior Cert Irish — 05/06/17 6

In the 2014 paper the title "Eachtra ghreannmhar a tharla i mo scoilse" came up. My teacher never went through how to write a funny story as we did more serious events so I would really appreciate if anyone has any phrases or sample answers that could help me please?

SryanBruen — 07/06/16
I already posted one recently in my thread Aistí agus litreacha ar fáil with the title 'Oíche na Seó Mhóire'.
seanca1 — 07/06/16
I realized right after I posted this, thank you!
KevinB — 07/06/16
Is that likely to come up though as it was only 2 years ago?
SryanBruen — 07/06/16
No it is not
Amy.100 — 05/06/17
sryan bruen can u please link it i cant find it :)
SryanBruen — 05/06/17
Uploading attachment...