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    Higher moving to ordinary Ckf2001

    Can your school force you to do higher level Irish even if you're failing? I want to move to ordinary level but my school are refusing to let me. Could I please have advice on this matter? Thank you !!

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      I don't think they can, and if you're failing HL (actually failing, not just one bad test you didn't bother to study for or something) I'm surprised they're not advising you to drop to OL. What exactly did the teachers say about it? Do they want you to stay and try HL for the time being, or did they literally say that you have to do HL for the Junior Cert?

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      I was wanting to drop to ordinary Irish when I was in 2nd year BUT the teacher kept advising me not to as I had great potential. However, I was stressing a lot over the subject TOO MUCH. In 3rd year, I gradually became very smart at Irish and am glad that I kept HL. From my point of view, you can see that my teacher wasn't refusing to let me drop (I'm sure your school would let you drop and they're just advising you), he just thought that I could do HL with ease and that I would do well (I got a B overall in JC Irish for HL).

      I'm sure your teacher just thinks you can do better. Like I have a friend who kept failing HL Irish but my teacher knew he would do good in JC HL Irish and he did. He went from an F in the mocks to a C in the JC and he did not even bother or study much after the mocks. So I think your teacher just thinks you can do better because he has faith in you. After all, all students should be trying for HL unless they're truly not able, like having linguistic problems or dyslexia. If you are able and just not bothering, then that's your fault and you should still be going for HL. Dropping to OL has some influence on future careers. If you do not do HL Irish for instance, you cannot be a primary school teacher.

      So like I said, your teacher has faith in you that you will improve in future in HL Irish. They are not refusing to let you drop to OL, they are just advising you and have faith in you that you can improve and are totally able to do HL Irish. When it comes to mock time or the day when you write down your levels on a form, the teacher will then see what you're truly capable of. If you want to drop to ordinary, it's fine but remember that it influences future careers of doing this.

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      your teacher can't force you but they can recommend it

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      sorry i didnt read your question properly ^^ you can move to ordinary if you want to really but i think you need a form from your teacher signed by your parent to move to ordinary thats what i had to do

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      @sryanbruen is the grammer section important cause it's so difficult to learn all the tenses when it's only worth 20 marks?

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      Eoghan firstly no, it's worth like 7% of your whole exam but that 7% can easily be achieved and could help you get an A. Secondly, if you just keep on practicing grammar questions, the tenses will become VERY EASY. I never thought they would but man, how wrong was I. I know them like the back of my head now.

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      Ok thanks your posts are really helpful

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      Just to add to what SryanBruen said, the tenses and grammar also come into basically every other part of the exam and that's what you get most of your marks for in things like the essay, so good grammar is essential to getting a high grade overall, not just in the grammar section.

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      Exactly ^. Like 50 marks is the story or essay, 40 marks of that goes for accurate Irish grammar.

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      Thanks for the feedback. The highest I've ever gotten in that class is a D. They told my mam when she wrote a note and had a meeting that I couldn't not go because there is no space in the ordinary classes. But last year 10 were moved into higher from an ordinary class so there is space. Also, if they do not move me can I just sit the ordinary exam on the day of the JC?

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      My actual Irish teacher doesn't really care if I drop to ordinary, it's my year head who is saying that I have to sit it for my junior cert

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      YES you can 100% sit the ordinary exam on the day of the JC. The ordinary class in my school was also full, some boys could not go into the class. So they just had to stay in my higher class with us and the ordinary teacher would give them work to do.

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      Ckf2001 your year head is just being a bitch then, it is against the law for somebody to force you do a level in a subject. THAT IS ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE.

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      Like I'm doing higher level everything, and getting As and Bs, Irish is literally the only subject I cannot do higher level in, and I'm worried I'll fail the HL paper

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      With all my threads, I find it impossible to fail HL Irish. I even used my threads for myself LOL. If you keep with me over the year, I can assure you 100% that you will not fail HL Irish (if you continue to do it). Even if you go to do OL Irish on the day, I can still help you no matter what. I do not want you to be worried or stressed.

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      Thank you , it's nice to know someone actually cares about me stuggling in Irish 😂

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      Yup, SryanBruen's threads are top class.

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