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    higher or ordinary? glitteryhippie

    i got 44% on my higher level mock, after living here for 3 years.

    i am unsure if i want to do ordinary or higher as i feel i only passed because the teacher told us what the essay and letter would be... she also marked me up unfairly so i'd pass.

    my proper teacher is out sick so we have a sub, but my class is really loud and we haven't learnt anything. i have to choose by next week so any opinions or help would be appreciated! (ill either have an exemption or do ordinary for leaving anyways, so that doesn't matter right now)

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      I think you should do higher but only because that gives you more opportunity for the leaving but at the end of the day it's totally your choice. I do higher and I got 71% (without knowing anything) on my mock. On this studyclix, I post many different things about Irish that will be of great use to you if you do higher level and it will make the subject one of the easiest exams for you, including:

      - HL tips

      - Irish verbs (give me an English verb and I'll translate it for you)

      - Irish translation (give me an English sentence or phrase and I'll translate it for you)

      - Stories and letters available (I will give you my stories and letters. There is a list of them in the thread and you state which you want)

      - Grammar exercises (I post sample grammar exercises for you to practice and be prepared for Q3 of Paper 1)

      - Irish vocabulary (I post 10-11 new words / short phrases daily and these will be of big use to you in the listening comprehension, your story or essay and your letter. Also sometimes the studied prose and poem.)

      If you find anything difficult, feel free to ask me but please post in the relevant threads (you can find them in this Junior Cert Irish forum with my name SryanBruen on them).

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      I would say higher too! But put in the effort to learn off stories and poems and useful phrases for your personal writing!! If your doing the oral that will bring up your mark aswell.. Just keep studying you should at least be able to get a c with a bit of study!! :)

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